Hello fellow foodies, I'm May.  Welcome to Mindful Gourmet! My love for real, nutritious, healthy food started very young .. but got ignited just two years ago! Growing up I was blessed with the best food in the world, thanks to my Italian dad, Vietnamese mom, and sit down family dinners every single night. Through them, I developed a pretty sophisticated palate and a serious knowledge of cooking. I did the college thing, got my degree in psychology and worked in the field for a few years. I soon moved out of our family home in New Jersey all the way to San Francisco and then BAM, I realized that cooking/baking is a talent I should have explored wayyy sooner.

    Within just a year I honed in on my skills and knowledge, fed a very full and happy boyfriend delicious meals, and began sharing my creations on Facebook and Instagram via the name "Mindful Gourmet." My food not only became my creative outlet but also how I showed my love to the people I shared it with. Shortly after, I landed myself a spot competing on The Food Network among the pros !  Having this experience solidified for me that I should pursue this path of sharing my food- so that's what I'm doing!

I started this company as a way to do something i love but what i very soon realized is that there is a bigger mission for me. When it comes down to it , i want to help people. Help people with ideas for healthy recipes, giving them information they might not have known,  inspiring them to care about their health and be mindful of what is in their food and finally actually give them products that they can trust ! There are FAR too many companies out there built on feeding you lies and the bottom dollar ..  Mindful Gourmet is be built on honesty and passion for REAL nutritious food.

Over time what started as an online healthy snack line has evolved to be even more than that. I now offer personal chef sercives and grab/go meal prep in addition to the online shop .. to help reach even more people and use my creativity to share delicious meals with mindful ingredients/gourmet taste !

    My point of view whether cooking at home or making snacks for you is and always will be, to make healthy food without sacrificing quality or taste. Anything you purchase with the name Mindful Gourmet holds the promise of real wholesome ingredients. All of the online purchase snacks are gluten free, refined sugar free and made with healthy fats.  Being mindful of ingredients is the key to a healthy lifestyle.


Through the wonderful world of Facebook, Instagram, and now this website... I plan to share my original healthy gourmet treats with the world , help people make healthy choices, and change the trajectory of the food industry !