Mindful Meal Prep and Personal Chef Services



Thanks for expressing interest in Mindful Gourmet personal chef services!

Serving South FL

It’s a great way to switch up your normal routine, save time on cooking your own meals every day , stop ordering from the same old takeout spots, try ensure you’re getting proper balanced meals, or just work toward a goal ! What you're getting with Mindful Meals is different than ordering from a restaurant. Mindful Meals uses only the best ingredients as opposed to what is cheapest and most profitable while also ensuring the meals are nutrient balanced ! 




If you decide you'd like to try it out text (201)315-9163 to inquire.

Meal Prep Grab and Go

A form will be sent upon inquiry with the current menu choices. 

 The form lets you pick a plan and pick your dishes as well as add all relevant info i may need. 

Each dish you pick has to be in doubles , so if you pick an 8 meal plan you would select 4 dishes.

Once i receive the form i will send you over a text to request payment.

Payment is accepted through paypal/venmo/cashapp/or zelle 

a pick up or drop off will be coordinated (usually 2 days from payment time).

You can schedule a pickup or delivery for your meals.

No delivery charge. 

Personal Chef Services

This service is a more extensive and exclusive longer term option that goes beyond

basic meal prep where a relationship with the client is is built , communication is always available ,

everything is on your schedule, meals can be cooked in your home if preferred

and your preferences and needs are always a priority. 

Weekly custom menu planning including a wide range of dishes from breakfast to dessert is shopped,

cooked,packed and stored in client's home each week.

Particular diets/lifestyles are accommodated in our personal chef services.

Low carb , specific macros, keto , vegan , vegetarian, all organic , paleo, etc.

Personal grocery shopping for personal chef clients included , private dinner parties, catering ,

and any other client requests are all available in personal chef services as well. 

To inquire about weekly/monthly personal chef service text 


Meal Prep Grab and Go Sample Menu

  1. Korean bbq thin sliced beef , jasmine rice, sesame broccoli 

  2. Coconut curry chicken and veggie stew over jasmine rice

  3. Mexican stuffed peppers , quinoa, black beans, southwest seasoned ground turkey, organic cheese

  4. Lemon herb roasted bone in chicken , garlic brussels sprouts, parmesan whipped sweet potato

  5. BBQ bison meatballs stuffed with grassfed cheddar served with sweet potato wedges 

  6. Savory seasoned shrimp, parmesan polenta, porotbello mushroom , balsamic reduction

  7. Fajita bowl - shredded beef , cilantro lime rice, sauteed peppers and onions, black beans, organic cheese, side of salsa , cilantro aji verde

  8. Peppered pork tenderloin, steamed green beans, parsnip puree, balsamic glaze

  9. garlic herb salmon, cauliflower and yukon gold mash , garlic asparagus

  10. Shawarma style chicken thigh with grilled zucchini , roasted gold potatoes and tzaziki sauce

  11. Italian sausage and peppers with red bliss potato

  12. Seared shrimp , miso roasted sweet potato puree, sesame edamame 

  13. Sliced steak , grilled asparagus, yukon gold mashed potato, balsamic glaze

  14. Chicken soba noodle stir fry with red bell pepper, edamame, carrot, red cabbage

  15. Teriyaki chicken meatballs, cauliflower fried rice , snap peas

  16. Slow cooker shredded green chile chicken and grass-fed cheese enchiladas with cilantro aji verde

  17. Lemon and garlic grilled shrimp , parmesan cauliflower rice, sweet peas

  18. California Quinoa salad (mixed raw veggies/tricolor quinoa and  balsamic dressing) with baked maple salmon

  19.  Roasted Turkey breast, roasted rosemary butternut squash, garlic almond green beans

  20. Greek turkey meatballs with roasted vegetables and tzaziki sauce

  21. Ground morrocan spiced Lamb kabobs with turmeric rice, tahini sauce, and charred sweet peppers

  22. Roasted chicken drumsticks, coconut oil fried plantains, homemade cilantro jalepeno aji sauce


Plan Costs

6 meals  - $150

8 meals - $190

10 meals - $230

12 meals - $265

All meals are balanced and made with highest quality hand picked ingredients cooked in healthy fats.

When budget allows, organic ingredients will be picked but not guaranteed ..

if you would like the meat to be ALL organic add $20 to the overall cost of any size plan.

If you would like ALL ingredients used to be organic add $40 to any size plan.