Mindful Meal Prep

Thanks for expressing interest in Mindful Meal Prep ! It’s a great way to switch up your normal routine, save time on cooking your own meals every day , stop ordering from the same old takeout spots, try ensure you’re getting proper balanced meals, or just work toward a goal ! Below is the current menu of dishes (new dishes are added periodically) and substitutions are welcome. We are working on figuring out if shipping is possible but for now orders must remain South Florida local!


How it works - if you decide you want to try it out .. you would fill out an order form. The form lets you pick a plan and pick your dishes as well as add all relevant info i may need. Each dish you pick has to be in doubles , so if you pick an 8 meal plan you would select 4 dishes. Once i receive the form i will send you over a text to request payment. Payment is accepted through paypal/venmo/cashapp/or zelle and a pick up or drop off will be coordinated (usually 2 days from payment time).

If you want to purchase a month of meals in advance you will receive a discount and pickup on a

scheduled day each week. 

The order form is linked here




  1. Asian style thin sliced beef , jasmine rice, sesame broccoli 

  2. Coconut curry chicken and veggie stew over jasmine rice

  3. Mexican stuffed peppers , quinoa, black beans, southwest seasoned ground turkey, organic cheese

  4. Lemon herb roasted chicken , garlic brussels sprouts, parmesan whipped sweet potato

  5. Chickpea pasta , italian chicken sausage, arrabiata sauce 

  6. Savory mushroom, quinoa, sage and turkey stuffed baked butternut squash with gruyere

  7. Fajita bowl - southwest grilled chicken breast , cilantro lime rice, sauteed peppers and onions, black beans, organic cheese, side of salsa

  8. Pork tenderloin, steamed green beans, parsnip puree, balsamic glaze

  9. Teriyaki salmon, jasmine rice, sugar snap peas

  10. Shawarma style chicken thigh with grilled zucchini and tzaziki sauce

  11. Italian sausage and peppers with red bliss potato

  12. Thai basil shrimp, red  peppers, coconut infused jasmine rice

  13. Steak slices, grilled asparagus, yukon gold mashed potato, balsamic glaze

  14. Chicken soba noodle stir fry with red bell pepper, edamame

  15. bbw beef cheddar stuffed meatballs with roasted root veggie medley 

  16. Basic grilled chicken breasts (2) with mixed roasted vegetables

  17. Teriyaki chicken thighs, pineapple salsa, coconut infused jasmine rice

  18. Lemon and garlic grilled shrimp , parmesan cauliflower rice, sweet peas

  19. California Quinoa salad (mixed raw veggies/tricolor quinoa and  balsamic dressing) with baked seasoned salmon

  20. Chickpea pasta salad with kale pesto , spring veggies,fingerling potatoes, and grilled chicken breast

  21.  Italian beef meatballs, red sauce, chickpea or classic spaghetti

  22. Gluten Free Ground chicken , black bean and organic cheese red enchilada

  23.  Gluten Free Shredded chicken, black bean and organic cheese green enchilada 

  24.  Turkey breast, roasted rosemary butternut squash, garlic green beans

  25. Greek turkey burgers with roasted vegetables and tzaziki sauce

  26. Grilled salmon over garlic baby spinach with a side of roasted sweet potato wedges

  27.  honey sriracha turkey meatballs on brown rice with shredded carrot 

  28. CousCous antipasto salad - salami, black olives, basil, mozarella, cherry tomatoes

  29. Cauliflower veggie fried rice with teriyaki chicken thighs 

  30.  NEW! Nicoise Salad - spring mix, fingerling potato, green beans, olives, cherry tomato,  boiled pasture raised egg ,lemon vinaigerette (add seared ahi tuna or cooked salmon- +$6 per dish)

  31. NEW! Grilled Chicken Greek Salad - spring mix, olives, fresh feta, cucumber,  red onion, cherry tomato, grilled chicken, greek vinaigerette

  32. NEW! Asian chicken salad - Chopped red cabbage and romaine, shredded carrot, cilantro, edamame, red bell pepper, grilled chicken, Asian sesame/coconut amino dressing

  33. Rosemary balsamic steak tips with asparagus

  34. Roasted chicken drumsticks with brown butter sage baked butternut squash

  35. Wok fried snap peas, peppers, carrots and cabbage with chicken in a ginger soy sauce

  36. Breakfast  – sweet potato hash, organic eggs scrambled with grassfedcheddar and, chicken maple sausage

  37. Breakfast - paleo blueberry pancakes, organic eggs scrambled with grassfed butter, turkey bacon

  38. Breakfast -Omelette (2 eggs + 1 egg white) stuffed with ground turkey , organic cheese, spinach and mushrooms 

  39. Breakfast- 4 bacon wrapped mini egg and cheese frittatas

  40. Breakfast - southwest omelette with taco seasoned ground turkey, black beans, peppers and cheese

  41. Breakfast- plain paleo pancakes, organic scrambled eggs, traditional bacon, maple syrup

  42. Thin Sliced potato baked into a thick egg frittata with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top

  43.  Breakfast - prosciutto, goats cheese and asparagus omelette

Plan Costs

6 meals  - $110

8 meals - $130

10 meals - $150

12 meals - $170


Any dairy used in the meals is organic and grassfed.

If you would like the meat to be all organic as well add $25 to the overall cost of any size plan.

You can also get $5 off of each cycle if you wash/return the containers for the next round !