Mindful Meal Prep

South Florida

How helpful would a fridge stocked with healthy , mindful, nutrtitionally balanced meals every week be for you ? How often do you find yourself ordering takeout from the same restaurants near by, knowing it's probably not the best choice.  Sometimes life can be hectic and we just don't have the time to focus on our nutrition at each meal, we don't have time to cook, clean, and plan what to eat every week , and sometimes we simply don't want to spend our spare time doing it ! This is what Mindful Meal Prep is all about .. helping you by providing amazing meals and making heatlhy eating convenient for whatever reason you need.

5 Meal Plan


5 entrees customized to your specific needs and available every week for pickup or delivery. Perfect for those who need lunches covered !

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8 Meal Plan


8 entrees customized to your dietary needs and available every week for pickup or delivery. This plan is great for those who need workday lunches and a few dinners during the week!

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10 Meal plan


10 entrees made mindfully with quality ingredients and available for pick up or delivery each week. This plan is perfect for those dedicated to their goals who want to free up time/energy on cooking/cleaning for most of their work week!

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