10 Superfoods for your Daily Routine

You might hear the word superfood and roll your eyes.. but the truth is .. food IS medicine ! The more you adapt the ''food is medicine'' mindset the better off you are. If you often eat food that is heavily processed, lacking in nutrition, and abundant in ingredients that cause inflammation/gut disbiosis ... then you are hurting your health and making illness more welcome in your body. If you eat many foods that are nutrient dense, whole , and abundant in vitamins/minerals then you are helping your body be the healthiest it can. There are certain foods with potency and benefits beyond meeting normal nutritional needs. Being mindful of this and incorporating it into your routine is a really healthy habit and one that can have you reaping benefits and staying ahead of the health game !

Here are some superfoods you can incorporate into your everyday life and what they can be used for

Long steady energy --> MATCHA


Overall beauty inside/out --> COCONUT OIL

Hormonal support --> MACA ROOT POWDER

Heavy metal detox support --> SPIRULINA

Liver detox support --> BEETROOT

Nausea --> GINGER ROOT

Immune Boost --> TURMERIC

Digestion --> CHIA SEEDS

Fat burning/digestion support --> APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

Anxiety/muscle pain/insomnia/Inflammation --> CBD OIL

Anti aging/brain support/cell recovery/hormone balance/anti inflammatory --> ASHWAGANDA/ADAPTOGENIC MUSHROOMS

In the following weeks i will blog recipes using these superfoods. Let thy food be thy medicine !

xoxo Mindful Gourmet

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