(healthy gut healing snack)
Probiotic Coconut Yogurt , Mindful Gourmet Granola, Chia seeds, Blood Orange and Granola Butter

Your gut .. it's actually smart.. that's why you're always hearing you should trust it .. or that you should go with you gut feeling .. or that you know in your gut something is wrong. As time goes on , research is finding more and more that the gut microbiome is incredibly imperative to overall health. It is the core of our bodies and is even categorized as a second brain, so it's so important to take care of it ! It makes sense when you think about it .. it is literally at the core of your body .. it is your center .. so it's effecting all of the other systems that make up you ! You might think it has only to do with physical and digestive health but it actually influences your mental health and so many other parts of your body. Eighty percent of your immune system is located in your gut, so keeping it healthy keeps your immune system working optimally! A healthy tummy also helps you digest and metabolize food better , resulting in much less and even absence of eating related issues like heartburn/gas/bloating/digestion/diarhhea/constipation etc.

Here are some sings that could signify unhealthy gut

Your stomach just never feels right (especially after eating), you have a big craving for sugar (overgrowth of yeast can cause this), weight fluctuations, you can't sleep well, digestive issues, skin inflammation, lethargy/fatigue/tiredness/brainfog , frequent infections , food allergies

Here are ways to help heal your gut

It all comes down to what you put in it ! Eat less processed foods (refined sugars and refined carbs, industrial seed oils, soy, additives, preservatives), eat lots of veggies/fruit/nuts/seeds, think about nutrients when you choose foods, eat more probiotic foods, try fermented foods, when choosing animal based products like dairy/meat always consider the source ( when it comes to these products , organic does matter), try adding more superfoods and healthy fats into your diet, drink A LOT of water, be patient !

Here are some foods that are disrupting your gut!

Processed foods (and all of the additives/chemicals that go along with it), refined sugar, refined flour and gluten, non organic meats and especially any processed meats, soy, non organic dairy products, sugar substitutes (ALL OF THEM- sucralose, allulose, maltitol , ethyritol, splenda, equal, you name it. IF you don't want to opt for raw honey/maple syrup/coconut sugar try PURE stevia but be aware that most brands combine stevia with another ingredient unfortunately), GMOs in food, high fructose corn syrup , industrial seed oils (found OFTEN in packaged foods - sunflower oil, canola oil, soybean oil, palm oil, cottonseed oil, vegetable oil, corn oil etc.)



Unsweetened coconut yogurt

Apple cider vinegar (raw, unpasteurized, and with “the mother”)



Beet Kvass

Organic unsweetened kefir



Organic unsweetened yogurt

Organic Miso