Well we already know the case on refined sugar is not a good one and i wanted to just explain the differences between the type of sugar I use in the products compared to traditional cane sugar. I am also going to go over a few sugar substitutes and why you should be avoiding these if you truly care about healthy living. Let's start with the refined cane sugar.. or basically the food idustry's crutch. If you start paying attention to ingredient labels when you are out to grocery shop , you will be shocked to learn just how many foods contain this ! Why ? Because it is cheap, abundant, and addictive. Manufacturers sneak it into everything from condiments, dressings and cereals to trail mixes, granolas, bars, and bread. Refined sugar goes through heavy industrial processing that basically turns it into a non-food and even involves chemicals which really have no place in our diets. Consuming this type of sugar not only drastically spikes blood sugar levels but it also contributes higher blood serum triglycerides & cholesterol. It promotes obesity due to it's effect of higher fatty acid storage around organs. It is not healthy for the liver, the heart,hormone balance, brain , skin, or gut microbiome. It contains ZERO nutrients , vitamins, or minerals so put quite simply it adds NO value to our bodies and at the same time contributes to de-valuing our health. This substance is best kept to an absolute minimum and should have no regular place in our diets !


One of the two sweeteners we use in our products is pure raw honey. There are so many reasons to opt for honey (the real stuff) and why it is so much better for your health ! For starters, it is a 'whole food' .. this means it is natural , it is something that did not have to go through heavy processing or altered states to become what it is .. it is so pure that you could make it at your home if you wanted to! Honey contains many vitamins and minerals like B6, thiamin, and niacin. Not only does it contain nutrients but it also has many benefits ! It has anti-viral, anti-fungal and blood pressure lowing properties. It is rich in antioxidants , enzymes that promote healthy digestion, immune function and can even ward off allergies. As a sweetener, it shoud still be used moderately however it brings VALUE to our health unlike others !


The other altenernative sweetner we use in our products is coconut palm sugar. It is minimally processed and made from the sap of a coconut palm. It is simply dehydrated to make the sugar (again, something you could make at home !) Coconut sugar, unlike refined sugars, retains it's vitamins and minerals. It contains trace amounts of iron,zinc,phytonutrients and vitamin C. It also has prebiotic health benefits as it contains fiber that helps keep the gut microbiome running optimally. It contains electrolytes like magnesium and has 400x the amount of potassium than regular sugar. It naturally has a much lower glycemic index and also has antioxidant properties. This type of sugar is metabolized differently in our bodies ! It is a WHOLE food source of sweetness that when used moderately can be helpful !