Decadent 3 Ingredient Chocolate Truffles

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Sometimes just making something yourself elevates it to a whole new level than if you bought it in a store.. this is one of those things ! Sure you could go grab a box of chocolate truffles and call it a day but trust me it will never be as good as this. It doesn't have to be difficult either, this recipe only requires 3 ingredients and there are so many ways to dress it up ! They are perfect to have as a treat on the table after your holiday dinner with a cup of espresso.. how good does that sound ?! They look fancy and taste SO decadent (thanks to butter, of course).. they're also sure to be a crowd pleaser .. i haven't met anyone who says no to a chocolate truffle! Lets get into it..


12 ounces chocolate chips ( i used refined sugar free choc chips from Santa Barbara Chocolate but you can use any kind you like - semisweet works best!)

6 tablespoons melted grassfed butter

1/3 cup organic cream (can also sub for coconut milk if dairy free)


Heat the chocolate chips on a double boiler slowly. Once the chocolate melts, add in the cream and melted butter to the mixture and whisk until incorporated. The mixture will be silky and smooth... take it off the heat, cover it, and place in the fridge to set for 5-6 hours. Once the mixture is set , scoop out small truffle sized balls using a spoon and place them on a flat tray (melon scooper works very well).

Coat the truffles in whatever you like by spreading the coating out on a plate and rolling the truffles in it to coat .. then place the tray back in the fridge and cover until you're ready to eat them ! I used shredded coconut to coat mine but here is where you can get creative. Some other options that work really well are .. cacao nibs, cocao powder, cinnamon, sprinkes, peanut butter powder, crushed peppermint candy, crushed nuts, freeze dried and crushed strawberries ..the possibilities are endless here.

Enjoy ! xoxo

Mindful Gourmet

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