YOUR BEST LIFE IS A HEALTHY ONE .. here are some daily habits to implement !

1. FIND HEALTHY ALTNERNATIVES - love cookies ? Find a healthy alternative cookie (like conscious cookies) so you can indulge in what you love often and also be eating well .. pretty much anything out there can be made mindfully ! ANYTHING.

2. DO SOMETHING ACTIVE - every day for at least 30 minutes - (the gym, a walk, whatever) it is more than what it does for your body .. it's the fact that you're consistently doing something to better your health and making a habit out of wellness is key, make it non negotiable !

3. DRINK WATER - I'm sure this seems obvious but even despite knowing how crucial this is , we tend to not put much importance on it. Drink half of your body weight in ounces per day MINIMUM. Something I do is keep a 32 oz mason jar on the counter... I fill it up in the morning and drink it before doing anything else .. That already fulfilled half of my daily requirement. Drinking enough water keeps all of the systems in your body working optimally.

4. READ INGREDIENT LABELS/AVOID PROCESSED FOODS - don't worry so much about the nutrition label, the calories, the fat, the carbs.... try to focus on the ingredient label above all else.. it will tell you everything you need to know about how healthy something is (check out my blog on reading ingredient labels! )

5. EAT WHOLE FOODS AND EAT THE RAINBOW- and no I don't mean skittles. Eating colorful fruit/vegetables gives the body so many vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.. and different ones depending on the color ! Don't eat a meal that doesn't have some color in it. Eat whole foods , foods that are not stripped of the value it has to offer .. for example , using olive oil instead of canola oil -- one is made by simply cold pressing olives while the other is made by an immense amount of chemical processing. Eating whole yogurt instead of low fat yogurt … one is in it's best most complete form while the other is a stripped down version and not as nutritious. Eating organic free range chicken breast instead of vegan chicken tenders .. one is a whole real food made by nature while the other is a processed frankenfood.

6. STOP DIETING - The diet mentality doesn't make you healthier and doesn't make you lose weight .. well you might lose weight at first but it never sticks. There's a reason the diet industry is worth so much .. it's because it relies on the fact that it DOESN'T work .. you'll try one , get results, lose the results, then go back for a new diet. The only healthy and sustainable way to lose weight and be healthy is to make it a lifestyle change. Health is not temporary.

7. SUPERFOODS- Some foods go beyond basic nutrition and can really boost your health. Think about using these to your advantage ! Things like turmeric, acai, maca, cacao, matcha are all powerhouses of healing properties... and using them in your daily routine can positively impact your health ! There is no reason not to.

8. BRAIN POWER- Your mind is so powerful .. it literally has the ability to manifest reactions in your body. When you are stressed out/angry/anxious etc …. it can effect everything from your skin to your hormones. Trying to find a few moments everyday to think about the GOOD things, think about your dreams, and be appreciative of things is so important. Stress is a killer... but it's also a choice... find ways to alleviate it , try to chanage your perspective , try to express gratitude.

9. GUT HEALTH - The gut is the center of the body , being mindful of taking care of it has positive impacts on everything. Not taking care of it can negatively impact so many aspects of health … including your digestion, skin, immune function, infections, hormones, brain health, weight, ability to absorb nutrients etc. (Check out the blog about gut health to find out ways to be good to your gut )