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This is a great option for those who love all the products, those who haven't tried it all yet , and those who just want to stock up and have healthy snacks on hand in their pantry -- because failing to prepare is preparing to fail and having healthy snacks available and convenient is KEY! 
What it's made with : 100% healthy natural ingredients, the good for you fats, and nutrient dense flours.
What it's NOT made with : Refined flour, refined sugar, gluten, dairy , sugar substitutes, preservatives, industrial seed/vegetable oils,soy, chemicals.
(click each individual store item for ingredient lists !)
What's in the Snack Pack : 
3 Gourmet Granolas
1 No Grain-nola Original (paleo)
1 Superfood Stash Trailmix (paleo)
1 Tropical Trails Trailmix (paleo)
1 dozen of assorted cookies 
Mix and match flavors by adding your request in the notes section !

Deluxe Snack Pack