Lemon Oat Shortbread


Tastes like - a classic crunchy shortbread .. lightly sweet with a buttery taste and  a lemony undertone


Gluten, Refined sugar free

Made with real grassfed butter

No artificial ingredients or sweeteners


Ingredients - nongmo oat flour, arrowroot powder, grassfed butter, oat milk, organic coconut sugar, vanilla, lemon extract, sea salt 


Nutritional information  ( per serving - 2 cookies ) 270 calories/ 18g fat / 23g carb / 3g fiber/ 4g protein/ 6g sugar/ 131 mg sodium



3 pack - 6 cookies

6 pack- 12 cookies


Can be stored room temp for two weeks , in the fridge for 2 months or frozen for later use

Lemon Oat Shortbread