A 10 Pack of mini sizes for ultimate snacking portability !


Throw it in  your purse, in your desk , in your car, in your kids lunchbox, in your gym bag or ANYHWERE where you like to have a little healthy snack accessible. These are great for traveling , hiking, school and the workplace. Keep a trail mix on hand for a quick healthy snack or grab a granola mini to top a yogurt with .. so many possiblities with these snack sized goodies. Get your hands on them now ! 


Gluten Free , Dairy Free, Refined Sugar free - NATURALLY 

Made with ONLY healthy fats and sweeetened with modest amounts of whole food sweetener.

Nothing Artifical Ever - it's real food.


Minis available of every granola, no grain-nola and trail mix variety.

Individual ingredient lists available on product pages

For reference --> A full size bag is approx 10 oz . A mindful mini is approx 2oz.

Mindful Minis 10 Pack