A grain free version of granola packed with crunch, sweetness, texture, nutrients and most imporrtantly .. delicious flavor !


The original flavor features a medley of nuts and seeds blended together with coconut , goji berries and buckwheat groats. Buckwheat is actually not a grain or 'wheat' at all , it is given that name for it's ability to mimic grain products in texture however it is actually a seed from a root vegetable and is considered a superfood for its nutritional potency .. it's also naturally gluten free ! 


The granola you're used to is made up of primarily oats.. this one uses no oats at all making it grain free, gluten free and PALEO approved. Check out the ingredients !


Ingredients : Organic coconut flakes, organic coconut oil, organic raw honey, organic almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, organic unsweetened goji berries, snflower seeds, buckwheat groats(a grain free seed), sea salt, vanilla bean


How to use it : Eat it as a snack straight out of the bag, use it to top yogurt and smoothies, eat it as a cereal , sprinkle it on some fruit , or even on toast with your favorite nut butter. 


Nutritonal Info - 230 Calories 18g Fat 4g Fiber 11g Net Carb 5g sugar 6g Protein 


THE MINDFUL GOURMET PROMISE - All products are 100% junk free -  made without gluten,dairy,refined sugar, sugar substitutes, chemicals, or industrial seed oils.