What it's made WITHOUT - NO gluten, dairy, refined sugar, refined flour, artificial sweetner, artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemicals 


What it's made WITH - Nutritious whole food ingredients like coconut sugar, healthy fat from organicl peanut butter, and highly bioavailable protein from natural sources ! (grassfed collagen, eggs, organic peanut butter)


What it tastes like - Soft, Dense, Chewy, Peanut buttery, with absolutely no lingering chemical artificial after taste.. it's real food .. and it tastes like it ! It is naturally low in carbs while being high in protein and healthy fats.


Ingredients - Organic peanut butter powder, Organic peanut butter, Cage Free eggs, Grassfed Collagen Peptides, Almond flour,  Organic coconut sugar, Vanilla, Sea salt, Baking powder. 


Nutrition (per 1 cookie) - Calories 320 Total Fat 20g Saturated Fat 4.5 g  Net Carb 12g  Dietary Fiber 4g Sugar 8g  Protein 20g


Storage - These cookies are made without any artifical ingredients and that includes chemical preservatives .. they can be stored at room temp for 1 week but are best stored in the fridge when you recieve them .. they will stay fresh for 1 month refrigerated ! You can also freeze them for up to 6 months. 

Peanut Butter Protein Cookie (4 Pack)