Mindful Gourmet's premium trail mixes are the perfect snack ! With unique combinations of raw and dry roasted nuts and dried fruit that has NOT been sweetened with sugar or coated with canola oil, you can snack mindfully !! We also use dark chocolate that contains no soy lecithin and is not sweetened with refined cane sugar/sugar alcohols !  You're getting only the best ingredients in each bag , thats a guarantee.


Superfood Stash is a powerhouse blend of nutrition, loaded with the most antioxidant rich ingredients out there. It's sweet/salty and crunchy/chewy with little bits of dark chocolate throughout to up the ante ! 


Ingredients - Organic dry roasted almonds, organic raw pumpkin seeds, organic dry roasted walnuts, organic dried goji berries, organic dried blueberries, organic dark chocolate chips (refined sugar/dairy free)

Superfood Stash